Instant Tailgate products come in a variety of configurations and individual items. Choose the one that best suits your needs and/or add individual items to your selection to accomodate more at your next event! All items are made of durable Nylon with easy to inflate and deflate twist-handle valves.

Please contact us if you are interested in colors or additional items not currently available in our store.

Instant Tailgate Inflatable Tent with 4 Captain's Chairs
Instant Tailgate Sports Den
4 Captains Chairs, 1 Tent
This Inflatable system is covered with a durable Nylon, complete with 8 cup holders in colors that will make your favorite team proud that your a fan.

Our Tent includes the rain/shade cover, inflatable structure with strong tie-downs, and the flooring allowing you to hide the inflation tube network.

Available in black with your choice of a white or red accent.

Buy Now only $499
Instant Tailgate Captains Chair
Instant Tailgate Captain's Chair
1 Captains Chair
This inflatable chair is covered with a durable Nylon, complete with 2 cup holders, and perfect for tailgating, extra guests, and gaming.

Available in black with your choice of a black, blue, gold, maroon, orange, purple, red, white, or yellow accent.

Buy Now only $99
Pioneer Plastics The Drink N Plate
Pioneer Plastics The Drink 'N' Plate
Packs of 6 or 24
The Drink 'N' Plate allows a person to put their drink and plate of food in the same hand.

Available in white.

Buy 24 Pack for $60.75 (includes shipping)  
Buy 6 Pack for $24.94 (includes shipping)

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